216 W Juniper Ave Wildwood NJ Sold

  • $95,000

Lets cut strait to it… You want a shore house and you are a bit of a cheap skate snob… Here is what Uncle Dave thinks you should do… Slum it in 2017 in this place and level it the day after Labor Day to build a new one for the summer of 2018. An average builder grade cost of $120 a foot means you can get a new 2000 sq ft house for $240k and factor in a $95k acquisition cost and tell me where in all of the Wildwood you find a better deal on new construction… Look folks I am not a salesman: I am a fact giver who solves problems. Go ahead and email me your proof of funds and lets make you a hero to all your extended family now that you own a shore house… after all it is a right of passage if you live in the Philadelphia metro area.

Fix and Flip Analysis

After Repair Value: $750,000
Estimated Repairs: $240,000

Potential Profit


216 W Juniper Ave
Wildwood, New Jersey 08260
For Sale
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